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Allergy part one

The first of the 2 audio podcasts on Allergy in general practice focuses on oral allergy syndrome, general allergies and treatments. March 2013.

Jo Swallow  GP Educator

Tony Crockett - GP with special interest in allergy.

The podcast is based on the following case: 14 year old Abby attends your MAY emergency morning surgery with itchy and swollen lips, this occurred during breakfast this morning when she ate a fruit salad. Abby has hay fever and no record of any other medical problems. Her mum is a school nurse and is alarmed, she is asking if Abby will need an epipen. Different factors to elicit in the history and examination are discussed relating to food allergies. Indications to refer to allergy services and the choices available are discussed. Antihistamine choices and "epipen" indications are considered.