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Allergy part two

The second audio podcast focuses on Cows milk protein allergy in children.

Dr Jo Swallow, GP Educator

Dr Crockett, GP with special interest in allergies

We discuss common symptoms and missed cases of cows milk protein allergy, in addition lactose intolerance is referred to. Treatment options, dietary challenges and re introduction is looked at. March 2013

The podcast is based on the following case: You see Finlay at 3 months of age, his mother is concerned, he has reflux, colic and loose frequent stools, he has significant atopic eczema and often seems to be wheezey. He has dropped from the 50th centile at birth to the 25th centile now. At his 6 week check he was prescribed ranitidine and infacol by your colleague, but this has made no difference. He is exclusively breast fed. Food intolerances in adults without coeliac disease are also discussed in addition the mechanisms for these later in the podcast. The questions which are incorporated into this podcast are from myself, the GP educators and the ST2 GP trainees in Swindon.