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Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression care for older patients Jo Swallow  GP Educator  Simon Manchip, Consultant older persons psychiatrist Great Western Hospital Swindon This podcast is based on the following case.

An 80 Year old man attends your surgery for his Type 2 diabetic check. His diabetes is well controlled on metformin, he is prescribed ramipril 5mg and atorvastatin 20mg. you can see that he is under-using all of his meds.

You perform the QOF screening questions on him He responds Yes to both questions.

He admits that he is having difficulty getting off to sleep at night and often wakes early. He says that he feels that all of the drugs are making him feel low. During the podcast we discuss appropriate history and investigations to diagnose depression in older people. We then discuss medical and non medical treatments. Drug choice for elderly patients is covered along with common drug side effects and harms. When to refer patients to secondary care is discussed. I do hope that you find this podcast helpful.