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Dementia care for GPs

Principles of dementia care for GPs and GP Trainees: December 2012. Content: The podcast contains discussion regarding the identification of patients who are suffering from different types of dementia, drug options and other management issues surrounding these. T he podcast is based on the following case: A 78 Year old woman attends your morning surgery with her husband for her annual medication review. Her medication includes donepezil, ramipril 1.25mg, simvastatin 20mg. She is later found to be hypertensive and a smoker. She is becoming aggressive and her husband is struggling to manage at home. There is consideration of moving her into an EMI home. The potentially complex considerations which the case raises including: Investigations, monitoring, risk stratification and prescribing are discussed. Contributors: Joanna Swallow - GP Educator. Daisy Curling - Severn deanery dementia fellow. Simon Manchip - Consultant Psychiatrist GWH with an interest in dementia. I do hope that you find this podcast useful.