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Vertigo Podcast

Diagnosis and Management of Dizziness for GPs and GP Trainees Content: During this podcast the identification of patients who are suffering from different types of vertigo and relevant management issues are discussed. Included topics are: The diagnosis of vertigo, Distinction between ENT causes of dizziness and non-ENT causes. Specific tests and investigations for BPPV and Labyrinthitis. Specific managements for each and pitfalls to avoid. The podcast is based on the following case: A 58 Year old woman attends your morning surgery to discuss her ongoing dizziness. This has been present for 3 months and is not getting better despite buccastem which was prescribed by your colleague for a presumed diagnosis of labyrinthitis. She is on no other medications and has no other established medical problems. Contributors: Joanna Swallow GP and GP Educator. Angus Waddell - ENT consultant GWH. I do hope that you find this podcast useful.