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chronic kidney disease

Dr Jo Swallow's CKD podcast from 2017 trainers day discussion



Acne Podcast

Acne in General Practice, a case discussed.

Jo Swallow  GP Educator

Teresa Harper -GP with diploma and interest in dermatology.

This podcast is based around the following case: A 17 year old Asian girl presents with Acne. She has seen several colleagues in the past and feels frustrated that her skin is no better. She has some mild scars on her face and back and some post inflammatory pigmentation. She is currently applying topical Erythromycin to her skin twice daily. We discuss the diagnosis and grading of acne. Various topical and oral treatment options and considerations are considered. Risks of treatments, durations and Referral issues are discussed.


Allergy part two

The second audio podcast focuses on Cows milk protein allergy in children.

Dr Jo Swallow, GP Educator

Dr Crockett, GP with special interest in allergies

We discuss common symptoms and missed cases of cows milk protein allergy, in addition lactose intolerance is referred to. Treatment options, dietary challenges and re introduction is looked at. March 2013

The podcast is based on the following case: You see Finlay at 3 months of age, his mother is concerned, he has reflux, colic and loose frequent stools, he has significant atopic eczema and often seems to be wheezey. He has dropped from the 50th centile at birth to the 25th centile now. At his 6 week check he was prescribed ranitidine and infacol by your colleague, but this has made no difference. He is exclusively breast fed. Food intolerances in adults without coeliac disease are also discussed in addition the mechanisms for these later in the podcast. The questions which are incorporated into this podcast are from myself, the GP educators and the ST2 GP trainees in Swindon.


Allergy part one

The first of the 2 audio podcasts on Allergy in general practice focuses on oral allergy syndrome, general allergies and treatments. March 2013.

Jo Swallow  GP Educator

Tony Crockett - GP with special interest in allergy.

The podcast is based on the following case: 14 year old Abby attends your MAY emergency morning surgery with itchy and swollen lips, this occurred during breakfast this morning when she ate a fruit salad. Abby has hay fever and no record of any other medical problems. Her mum is a school nurse and is alarmed, she is asking if Abby will need an epipen. Different factors to elicit in the history and examination are discussed relating to food allergies. Indications to refer to allergy services and the choices available are discussed. Antihistamine choices and "epipen" indications are considered.


Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression care for older patients Jo Swallow  GP Educator  Simon Manchip, Consultant older persons psychiatrist Great Western Hospital Swindon This podcast is based on the following case.

An 80 Year old man attends your surgery for his Type 2 diabetic check. His diabetes is well controlled on metformin, he is prescribed ramipril 5mg and atorvastatin 20mg. you can see that he is under-using all of his meds.

You perform the QOF screening questions on him He responds Yes to both questions.

He admits that he is having difficulty getting off to sleep at night and often wakes early. He says that he feels that all of the drugs are making him feel low. During the podcast we discuss appropriate history and investigations to diagnose depression in older people. We then discuss medical and non medical treatments. Drug choice for elderly patients is covered along with common drug side effects and harms. When to refer patients to secondary care is discussed. I do hope that you find this podcast helpful.


Dementia care for GPs

Principles of dementia care for GPs and GP Trainees: December 2012. Content: The podcast contains discussion regarding the identification of patients who are suffering from different types of dementia, drug options and other management issues surrounding these. T he podcast is based on the following case: A 78 Year old woman attends your morning surgery with her husband for her annual medication review. Her medication includes donepezil, ramipril 1.25mg, simvastatin 20mg. She is later found to be hypertensive and a smoker. She is becoming aggressive and her husband is struggling to manage at home. There is consideration of moving her into an EMI home. The potentially complex considerations which the case raises including: Investigations, monitoring, risk stratification and prescribing are discussed. Contributors: Joanna Swallow - GP Educator. Daisy Curling - Severn deanery dementia fellow. Simon Manchip - Consultant Psychiatrist GWH with an interest in dementia. I do hope that you find this podcast useful.


Vertigo Podcast

Diagnosis and Management of Dizziness for GPs and GP Trainees Content: During this podcast the identification of patients who are suffering from different types of vertigo and relevant management issues are discussed. Included topics are: The diagnosis of vertigo, Distinction between ENT causes of dizziness and non-ENT causes. Specific tests and investigations for BPPV and Labyrinthitis. Specific managements for each and pitfalls to avoid. The podcast is based on the following case: A 58 Year old woman attends your morning surgery to discuss her ongoing dizziness. This has been present for 3 months and is not getting better despite buccastem which was prescribed by your colleague for a presumed diagnosis of labyrinthitis. She is on no other medications and has no other established medical problems. Contributors: Joanna Swallow GP and GP Educator. Angus Waddell - ENT consultant GWH. I do hope that you find this podcast useful.


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